The benefits of speed and choice; DMPK on its own or in combination with synthesis services

Speed is of the essence in pharma R&D, and companies are always looking to get the best data as quickly – and cost effectively as possible. Integrated product packages are becoming increasingly important tools in achieving this, as they provide a one-stop-shop for data packages.

The traditional CRO process takes individual disciplines, and simply delivers tables of data to the client after assays have been completed. But now, pharma companies are also looking to buy in knowledge and experience. There is a move towards a more virtual business model, with ever more work subcontracted out, and just a core team of project leaders left in house. In these situations, building a true partnership with the CRO is essential.

Clients are looking to combine synthesis services with DMPK screening to allow decision-making data to be delivered extremely rapidly. As well as medicinal chemistry services, they want toxicology, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics results, and data on individual parameters such as metabolic stability, lipophilicity, solubility, permeability and efflux. It is therefore a huge advantage if a single organisation can take the chemical matter in and distribute it to all the relevant departments for assaying. All the data can be pulled together, and reported as a single, thought-through package.

Our one-stop-shop operation offers the full range of DMPK screens, plus support for projects as they move forward to lead optimisation and then into the preclinical phase. The fact that it is all available in one place is key to speed and efficiency. Using four different providers for four different functions means quadruple the shipping and increased customs headaches – the logistics become expensive, and disparate data sources have to be managed.

Experience is key. Many of the Sygnature team have had extensive careers within the pharmaceutical industry, and can offer far more insight than merely tables of data to clients. They can also apply that past experience to the assay process itself – they will know when, and how, it might be best to adapt methodology to suit an individual compound, for example. We have worked hard to build a team that is able to support all of these functions. But, perhaps even more importantly, we have the necessary experience to offer late-stage support, using pharmacology data to assist in rapid decision-making.

If you would like to discuss DMPK, our capabilities or even drug discovery in general then we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch by using any of the contact forms.