The Opportunity in Treating Obesity

Obesity has been increasing rapidly over recent decades, and is often described today as a global endemic. This trend is especially prevalent in more developed countries where lifestyle-related disorders, such as anxiety, stress, smoking, and drinking, are more common.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the problem, as reported in an article1 with the European Journal of Nutrition in December 2020, with lockdowns precipitating more sedentary lifestyles, and social distancing measure reducing the use of gyms and exercise classes.

This increase in the obesity population is expected to drive the demand for anti-obesity drugs in the coming years, and effective solutions are even more crucial due to the increased severity of COVID-19 that has been observed among obese individulas.

This infographic highlights the current situation with obesity, the market and pipeline for anti-obesity therapies, and perhaps our greatest hope for an effective treatment.

The opportunity in treating obesity infographic


Sygnature’s scientists have extensive experience in the field of metabolic disease, from early medicinal chemistry right through to in vivo testing. To speak with an expert about your obesity project, contact us.

[1] Huber, B.C., Steffen, J., Schlichtiger, J. et al. Altered nutrition behavior during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in young adults. Eur J Nutr (2020).

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