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Dr Dave Pearson

In August 2021, Sygnature Discovery welcomed Dave Pearson as the Director of Form and Formulation, a position that perfectly aligns with his extensive expertise in solid form and formulation science, which spans over two decades. As a seasoned subject matter expert in solid form, Dave possesses a wealth of knowledge at the convergence of medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, DMPK, and pharmacology.

In his role, Dave plays a pivotal role in facilitating the seamless transition of clients’ molecules from the laboratory to clinical applications. He achieves this by comprehensively understanding, controlling, and enhancing their solid-state properties, including crucial factors like crystallinity, stability, and dissolution profiles. This meticulous approach ensures that the developed processes are efficiently transferred to cGMP production, thereby streamlining the pathway to market readiness.

An integral aspect of Dave’s expertise is also dedicated to formulating these molecules in a manner that overcomes various challenges. Whether it involves addressing nonlinear PK profiles, circumventing first-pass metabolism, developing safer formulations, or designing fast and cost-effective first-in-human (FIH) studies, Dave’s insights expedite the make and test cycle beyond traditional GMP CDMOs.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dave has made substantial contributions to numerous early discovery and later stage development programs. His involvement has resulted in the successful delivery of over ten molecules to the market, while also leading teams that have achieved double this figure. This track record highlights his ability to enhance performance and minimize risk in delivering molecules to the clinic.

Dave’s academic background includes a Ph.D. earned from the prestigious University of Sheffield, complemented by postdoctoral research experience at Imperial College London. These academic accomplishments further fortify his expertise in bridging the gap between synthetic and medicinal chemistry, DMPK, IVP, and CMC.

In summary, Dave Pearson’s wealth of experience and diverse skill set significantly contribute to Sygnature Discovery’s mission to serve clients and, ultimately, the patients who benefit from the company’s innovative discoveries. His presence reinforces the company’s commitment to pushing projects forward and delivering high-impact solutions at the forefront of the industry.

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