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Making sure our data, and our clients’ data, remain secure

Sygnature gains ISO:27001 certification for information security

Sygnature’s dedication to cybersecurity has been officially acknowledged through the attainment of ISO:27001:2013 certification—an esteemed international benchmark for information security management. This standard outlines optimal protocols for safeguarding information integrity, encompassing risk evaluations, security measures, and the sustained viability of these practices.

Our endeavors underwent a meticulous evaluation by ACM-CCAS, endorsed by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, confirming full compliance with ISO:27001:2013’s most stringent criteria. This evaluation specifically scrutinised information security protocols pertaining to our drug discovery initiatives on behalf of clientele.

Following a rigorous implementation and audit process, Sygnature Discovery was honoured with this certification, underscoring our exceptional performance across various information security facets. These encompass the robustness of our technical infrastructure and the adeptness of our management processes in safeguarding and managing information. The ISO:27001 certification serves as concrete evidence of our effective cybersecurity practices, applauding the significant contributions of our dedicated teams.

Our commitment to cybersecurity dates back to 2018, when we achieved the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, augmenting our prior attainment of the Cyber Essentials certification two years earlier. Cyber Essentials forms a pivotal component of the UK Government’s overarching cyber defence strategy, empowering enterprises to fortify their defences against cyber threats. Our commitment to vigilance continues through annual operational reviews, with the recent ISO:27001:2013 certification marking the pinnacle of our efforts, attesting to the enduring security of our operations, personnel, workflows, and technological infrastructure.

‘We have always worked extremely hard to make sure our data, and our clients’ data, remain secure,’ says Sygnature’s COO, Jonathan Williams. ‘This certification as a testament to Sygnature Discovery’s ongoing commitment to setting and maintaining already high standards. The production of confidential information is one of our end products, so it’s great to be able to provide confidence and assurance to our customers, suppliers and staff that we have been independently accredited in this vital area.’

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