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Sygnature Discovery proves commitment to cyber security

Sygnature Discovery has obtained Cyber Essentials Plus certification, proving its commitment to cyber security and the protection of its clients’ data.

Launched by the UK Government in 2014, Cyber Essentials is part of the Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy and aims to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber-attacks, demonstrate their commitment to cyber security and mitigate the risks from internet-based threats. Sygnature Discovery gained Cyber Essentials certification in 2016 and has now opted to up-grade to Cyber Essentials Plus certification as it offers a higher level of assurance of its cyber security approach through external verification by independent experts.

Sygnature Discovery’s IT infrastructure underwent a rigorous assessment conducted by Indelible Data Limited, a recognised Cyber Essentials Plus certification body, which evaluated the company’s use of technical controls including boundary firewalls and internet gateways, secure configuration, user access control, malware protection and patch management.

By achieving this accreditation, Sygnature Discovery is demonstrating to clients and stakeholders that it is taking crucial precautions to combat internet-borne threats and protect their high-value data. To maintain its Cyber Essentials Plus credentials, Sygnature Discovery will be reassessed annually and will continue to evolve its data systems and cyber security strategy.

Chief Operating Officer at Sygnature Discovery, Dr Jonathan Williams, said:

“We are delighted to be Cyber Essentials Plus certified and therefore recognised for our efforts in maintaining our IT systems and ensuring data integrity and confidentiality at Sygnature Discovery. We have customers located around the world, and the mitigation of internet-based threats is at the heart of how we do business. Sygnature understands the importance of cyber security and our clients can rest assured that we are taking all reasonable steps to protect their valuable data.”


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