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Leverage our data management expertise: Specialist Dotmatics Support

At Sygnature Discovery, we know that expert data management is critical to success. And, for many of our customers, Dotmatics is at the forefront of transforming data awareness. In today’s landscape, data is a highly prized asset, sparking a shift in its perception and value. Customers are increasingly inclined to take control of their own data. In particular, smaller biotechnology firms are recognising the significance of closely managing their datasets, irrespective of size. With involvement in numerous projects and the potential for integration with other Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Dotmatics facilitates seamless data sharing. It simplifies the process of selling company data to prospective partners and enhances investor perception.


However, this pursuit is not without its challengesmanaging raw data requires attention and effort. As the demand for effective data management grows, so too does the need for specialist Dotmatics support to fully harness its power. Sygnature Discovery combines industry know-how and data management expertise to provide Dotmatics support from our specialist team. 

Why choose an integrated data platform?

No Platform Sygnature Discovery Dotmatics Your Dotmatics
Data Storage Single files: sdf, Excel, word… Oracle database Oracle database
Data Access Local files Web interface Web interface
Data System Sygnature Dotmatics system Your Dotmatics system
Data Management Centralized, standardized, streamlined, integrated Centralized, standardized, streamlined, integrated
Data Sharing Email, or file-sharing platform Securely managed, audited Securely managed, audited
Data findability Not straightforward Indexed, easy to search based on structure, ID, property, etc. Indexed, easy to search based on structure, ID, property, etc.


Why the need for informatics support?


  • Dotmatics: Top database and informatics provider for drug discovery
  • Proven flexibility: Adaptable and effective in various fields
  • Configuration: Its potent flexibility does mean that Dotmatics needs thorough configuration for each project and function
  • Requirement for specialist support: Configuration intricacies make Dotmatics support essential to fully harness its power
  • Unlocking potential: Correct configuration aligns technology with innovation, making Dotmatics support pivotal for success


Sygnature Discovery are Dotmatics Experts

Sygnature Discovery’s prowess as Dotmatics experts has been honed through more than 10 years of unfaltering data management experience across numerous projects on their cloud-hosted databases.

Our Achievements:


















Setting Up Clients for Success:

  • Clients Seek Our Skill: Clients already turn to us for setting up their databases, cementing our reputation.
  • Guiding the Transition: Our proficiency shines as we navigate clients from ‘vanilla’ databases from day one…
  • …to Integrated Powerhouses: seamlessly integrated databases, bolstering late-stage projects.

Leverage Sygnature Discovery’s proven competence in Dotmatics – a journey spanning a decade, culminating in unmatched knowledge, excellence in execution, and an unwavering commitment to catalyzing customer success.


Empower your Drug Discovery with Dotmatics Support from Sygnature Discovery

Unlock the true potential of your drug discovery journey with Sygnature’s dedicated Dotmatics support team. Seamlessly navigating the entire DMTA (Design-Make-Test-Analysis) process, our experts elevate every facet: from compound registration to intricate SAR (Structure-Activity Relationship) analysis.

Navigating the DMTA Spectrum:


Why come to Sygnature Discovery?

Sygnature Discovery goes beyond mere familiarity with drug discovery – we immerse ourselves in it daily. This deep involvement grants us an intuitive grasp of your specific needs. With a wealth of experience behind us, our seasoned experts offer unmatched insights. We’re not a standalone entity; our diverse team collaborates seamlessly to address your requirements, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive approach.


Expertise Backed by Reliability:

Supporting numerous scientists has ingrained in us the importance of reliability. Our track record of assisting hundreds gives us a deep appreciation for the critical nature of dependable solutions. When hurdles arise, our commitment to a rapid response ensures that issues are addressed promptly.


Unleash Data Potential:

Don’t let your data lie dormant—let us help you exploit its full potential. Sygnature Discovery empowers you to leverage your data, extracting every ounce of value it holds. With us by your side, your data becomes a strategic asset, driving your endeavours forward.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How does Sygnature Discovery’s track record in Dotmatics support benefit clients?

A1: Sygnature’s Dotmatics support solution helps you to gain a strategic advantage in your research and development efforts. Our expertise, commitment to customization, and focus on compliance, security, and productivity can significantly enhance the success of your projects in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

Q2: How does Sygnature Discovery ensure data security and integrity?

A2: The pharmaceutical and biotech sectors demand strict adherence to regulatory standards. Sygnature is well-versed in implementing Dotmatics systems that facilitate compliance with industry regulations, assuring the security and integrity of your data.

Q3: What if we experience technical issues with Dotmatics?

A3: Our Dotmatics specialists are part of Sygnature’s Computational Sciences and Informatics department and can respond promptly to any issues you encounter. Sygnature’s proficiency in integrating the Dotmatics platform with laboratory instruments, databases, and other software systems ensures that your workflow is seamless, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Q4: How can Sygnature Discovery help me leverage my Dotmatics data?

A4: Sygnature’s commitment to tailoring Dotmatics software to your specific research needs means that you receive a system that aligns seamlessly with your workflows and research objectives, ultimately increasing productivity and data accuracy.