Sygnature Discovery is a leading provider of integrated drug discovery services.
Sygnature: Integrated Drug Discovery Services

We are Sygnature Discovery

Sygnature Discovery is a leading UK-based provider of premium integrated drug discovery services to the global pharmaceutical industry. Our team of pharmaceutical industry-experienced, mainly PhD scientists undertakes complete, integrated drug discovery programmes for clients. Sygnature adds considerable value to clients’ projects by providing substantial intellectual input during key elements of the drug discovery process, e.g. hit finding, hit-to-lead and lead optimisation. 

Integrated Drug Discovery

Sygnature Discovery offers a wide range of drug discovery expertise via a synergistic combination of in-house capability and the ground-breaking ‘federated’ CRO Model , a network of ‘centres of excellence’ in drug discovery located in Europe and the USA.

The Sygnature Experience

Sygnature Discovery is a provider of premium integrated drug discovery services, including medicinal chemistry, synthetic chemistry, computational chemistry, bioscience (in vitro biology and screening), arrays and libraries, process and scale-up chemistry, ADME/toxicology etc.

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