Hit Identification to 3 Compounds in the Clinic and 6 Development Candidates

  • UK-based small molecule drug discovery company
  • Focus on identifying novel treatments of inflammatory respiratory diseases, such as COPD
  • No in-house medicinal chemistry capability – Sygnature has been the company’s exclusive
    medicinal chemistry team since 2007, providing multiple FTEs of resource + intellectual input
  • Considerable intellectual input from Sygnature’s chemists – named on more than 20 patents and patent applications (so far)
  • 3 Compounds discovered at Sygnature have entered the clinic (Phases I and IIa) as potential ‘first-in-class’ treatments, and 6 more compounds have entered pre-clinical development
  • The company was acquired by a major multi-national pharmaceutical company in 2010
  • Since the acquisition, Sygnature has enjoyed a large FTE-based collaboration (medicinal
    chemistry and in vitro bioscience) to discover additional small molecule-based drug candidates