Sygnature’s Bioscience Department contains experienced scientists who have worked in projects at all stages of drug discovery

We have considerable drug discovery experience with small molecules and biologicals across a broad range of therapeutic areas, e.g. respiratory, inflammation, cancer, metabolic disease, CNS, infection, orphan diseases and CV, and biological drug-target classes, e.g. kinases, GPCRs, ion channels, nuclear hormone receptors (NHRs), protein-protein interactions (PPIs), phenotypic screening  and epigenetic targets. Our Bioscientists are expert at establishing and performing biochemical, cellular and biophysical assays utilising industry-standard screening technologies.

Assay data is routinely analysed using GraphPad Prism and experimental write-ups are captured using electronic laboratory notebooks. All discovery project data is shared with clients via a Dotmatics-based database, allowing easy access to data, no matter where they are located in the world.

In particular, integrated drug discovery projects can be driven by the Bioscience Department’s ability to design and implement complete in vitro and in vivo screening cascades in combination with Sygnature’s well-established medicinal chemistry expertise.

Bioscience Posters available upon request

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