Case Studies

Integrated Lead Optimisation Project
  • US clinical stage biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing drugs that regulate
    the effects of a specific nuclear hormone
  • The company was working with another western CRO for several years, but chose to
    initiate a new collaboration with Sygnature
  • The project focused on delivering selective and potent antagonists for a specific nuclear hormone receptor, with potential for once-a-day oral dosing
  • The company has no in-house laboratory capability
  • Sygnature provided a flexible resource of medicinal chemists, computational chemists and in vitro bioscientists, and managed the DMPK and in vivo testing
    (Saretius and RenaSci)
  • Sygnature had to design and develop a complex screening cascade (>20 in vitro assays) to fully-assess compounds – potency, selectivity, mode-of-action, ex vivo biomarker, etc.
  • Sygnature successfully delivered two development candidates, one of which has successfully completed a first-in-man clinical study in healthy volunteers, while a Phase IIa study in patients is being progressed

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