Protein Crystallography

Protein Expression and Production

Peak Proteins Ltd our sister company is able to undertake construct design, protein expression and protein purification of the required protein using a variety of software and bioinformatic packages to maximise success for a range of different final uses. Proteins can be supplied in formats suitable for in vitro assays, high-throughput screening, biophysics assays, in vivo studies or X-ray crystallography. This output can include constructs of different lengths containing different domains, point mutations, different tags and possible chimeras. Proteins may be expressed in E.coli, baculovirus/insect cells and mammalian cells, as appropriate. Peak Proteins works at scales from a few millilitres, to screen constructs, up to more than 20L to generate larger quantities of proteins.

X-ray Crystallography

Stable purified proteins are utilised by Peak Proteins during crystallisation screening process. This activity commences with sparse matrix crystallisation screens, along with relevant screens designed around any literature precedents. Tool compounds are used where available, to explore options for co-crystallisation. An initial hit from these screens may require further optimisation to improve the size and quality of diffraction of the crystal. Following X-ray data collection at the synchrotron, 3D structural representations are produced. Project reports contain detailed analysis of the overall 3D structure, relevant learning and conclusions, and recommendations to facilitate for project progression and optimal drug candidate design.

Protein production and X-ray crystallography activities at Peak Proteins are undertaken in close collaboration with Sygnature’s bioscientists, computational scientists and medicinal chemists during the course of a drug discovery project.

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