Medicinal Chemistry

Our medicinal chemistry department is one of the largest, most experienced and best equipped in the UK. Sygnature has an international team of pharmaceutical industry-experienced medicinal chemists (mainly PhD qualified bench scientists).

Our medicinal chemists have consistently created value for clients and delivered results which have accelerated drug discovery projects into pre-clinical development. FTE-based collaborations are regularly renewed and expanded amply demonstrating our clients’ confidence in our ability to deliver pivotal results.


Synthetic Chemistry

Sygnature's pharmaceutical industry-experienced medicinal chemists possess extensive synthetic chemistry capabilities and expertise. These skills are used during medicinal chemistry-driven projects, array/library preparation, when making chemical building blocks, or synthesising literature compounds.

  • Multi-stage synthesis of complex molecules
  • Chiral synthesis, chiral resolutions and chiral HPLC (analytical and semi-preparative)
  • Synthesis of pro-drugs
  • Enzyme-mediated chemistry experience

  • Synthesis of small peptides and peptide mimetics
  • Parallel synthesis of lead-seeking arrays or focused libraries
  • Microwave assisted synthesis
  • Hydrogenation (metered delivery and large scale)

  • Flow chemistry capability
  • Ozonolysis capability
  • Photochemistry capability
  • Scale-up syntheses using 5l and 12l flange-head vessels (up to 0.5 kg) with heating or cooling from -20 to +165c

Medicinal Chemistry Posters available upon request

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