Computational Sciences and Informatics

Sygnature has made a major financial investment in a robust and cutting-edge informatics infrastructure which allows clients from anywhere in the world to keep up-to-date with their projects. Electronic laboratory note books (ELNs) with secure remote access for clients are used by our medicinal chemists (CambridgeSoft ) and bioscientists (Dotmatics). Documents and data can be securely shared with clients via Worksmart. All of our scientists have ready access to industry standard on-line literature and patent searching capabilities, such as SciFinder , MARPAT, Thomson Reuters’ Cortellis and scientific journals.

Our computational sciences department has decades of experience and plays a pivotal role in many drug discovery projects. There is close collaboration between Sygnature’s computational scientists and medicinal chemists, and the clients scientific team. Our computational scientists support drug discovery projects during target analysis, hit identification, hit to lead and lead optimisation. Sygnature also offers computational chemistry as a stand-alone capability, such as in silico based virtual high-throughput screening (vHTS), or supporting drug discovery activities elsewhere.

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